Blue Lavender Farm -Canada

In the heart of the Eastern Townships, dominating the hill of Applegrove in the picturesque village of Fitch Bay, just South of Magog, the Bleu Lavande domain is the only Canadian producer of 3515 ISO-certified True Lavender by the International Association of Lavender Producers. The company is a great symbol of perseverance and passion and it leads the North American industry as the biggest lavender field in Canada and the second in North America.

10262191_733830216654839_1853364520620840207_n 10347230_733832276654633_5587538686427709990_n   10435977_733830629988131_7095785344535838546_n 10444545_733832526654608_1049182620120587595_n 10456013_733830013321526_6140873184647252134_n   10483141_733832456654615_8623415815505477761_n 10501938_733830973321430_7448183411135907602_n   10517586_733830359988158_8159800042979000567_n  10552489_733831026654758_1008514859576153747_n

Despite climatic variations and the experts’ doubts, Bleu Lavande is a true discovery in the heart of the Eastern Townships. This peaceful haven has a lot to offer: sweet perfumes, magnificent landscapes and a unique experience for the senses.

10390979_733830029988191_345870272328928429_n10509663_733831633321364_4076227179115254863_n 10513284_733831799988014_7263074653756995671_n 10477049_733831733321354_8238536941866563055_n

“lavender, sweet lavender;
come and buy my lavender,
hide it in your trousseau, lady fair.
Let its lovely fragrance flow
Over your from head to toe,
lightening on your eyes, your cheek, your hair.”

10530896_733830279988166_6147257421570557184_n 10458333_733832253321302_7011999554537154041_n 10377433_733830333321494_3971511023495982738_n

I enjoyed a lot being there 🙂

Happy watching 🙂 Ting!!!



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